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Dice-K does it again

Posted by Bill Koch on July 5, 2010

Daisuke Matsuzaka

The Boston Red Sox really paid $103 million for this jerk?

We here at Ramble On find ourselves asking this every time Daisuke Matsuzaka takes the mound. He turned in yet another dreadful performance on Monday night in Boston’s 6-5 loss to Tampa Bay.

The Red Sox held a 5-1 lead into the fifth inning after putting an unlikely beatdown on Boston killer Matt Garza, knocking the rat-faced righthander out of the game at The Trop Dump after just three innings. Matsuzaka gave it away as usual, leaving in a 5-5 tie after needing more than 110 pitches to record 15 outs.

Ramon Ramirez ended up saddled with the loss, but Dice-K was the one who earned it this time. His brain cramp on a bunt in the sixth inning and John Jaso’s two-run single (on a play where Bill Hall refused to dive to keep the ball in the infield) effectively ended Boston’s chances of winning this one. It was sickening mainly because Eric Patterson’ only two-homer night that he will ever have for the rest of his natural life was wasted.

Have we had enough of Matsuzaka? Can we get this fool out of the rotation once every Boston starter is healthy? These are the types of games that the Red Sox should circle on the calendar if they end up losing the American League East or missing out on the wildcard by a game or two. These are the types of games that Dice-K was supposed to win when Boston brought him over from Japan. We should know by now that it’s not going to happen at any price.


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