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Just when we thought the Red Sox couldn’t get any worse….

Posted by Bill Koch on July 25, 2010

Jonathan Papelbon

We’ve heard a lot about injuries this season while following the 2010 version of the Boston Red Sox. The last time we at Ramble On checked the DL, however, we didn’t see any members of the bullpen or any players suffering from brain cramps.

There were plenty of reasons to be sick after the butchers in Boston’s relief corps got done on Sunday, as the Red Sox suffered another meltdown and were humiliated for the second straight day by Seattle, 4-2.

Hideki Okajima treated a series of Seattle bunts in the eighth inning like they were coated with a combination of the HIV and Ebola viruses, and Kevin Youkilis and Adrian Beltre weren’t much better while the hopeless Mariners salvaged a split of the four-game series by making Boston look like a bad Little League team.

We’re not going to get into the grisly details of what happened because, quite frankly, we just managed to get through dinner and can’t stomach any more wretchedness on this day. Let’s leave it at this – Seattle put on a small-ball display that Team USA would have been proud of while competing at the 2010 World Cup of Softball and Boston looked ridiculously powerless to stop it. Make that 3-4 on this 10-game road trip, a sub-.500 mark against the scrubby Mariners and Oakland A’s. Wake us up when this season is over.

One final note – Daisuke Matsuzaka managed to get through six innings without imploding and handed things over to the relievers with the Red Sox holding a 2-1 lead. Throughout the first 90-plus games of the season, This Manager had used Reliever X in the seventh inning, Daniel Bard in the eighth and Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth. Bard and Papelbon have been the only two men in Boston’s bullpen to perform with any sort of consistency. On Sunday This Manager decided it would be a good idea to go to…Bard in the seventh and then Okajima in the eighth? Haters, slow down before you even start – Jerry Remy was scratching his head over that move. This Manager will almost certainly be able to spin an answer to this question. I can’t wait to hear what it is, because it did help cost his Red Sox yet another game in the standings to both the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays that Boston can hardly afford to lose.


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