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Haynesworth saga highlights Washington’s idiocy

Posted by Bill Koch on July 31, 2010

Albert Haynesworth

As usual, the Washington Redskins are absolutely clueless when it comes to dealing with their own players.

This latest situation with Albert Haynesworth highlights how petty and foolish the Redskins and their spoiled, billionaire owner, Dan Snyder, are now and have always been. Haynesworth is currently being held out of training camp by Washington after failing to pass a mandatory conditioning test administered to all Redskins’ players.

That statement sounds simple enough, but anybody who knows anything about NFL teams and the way they treat their players can see right through Washington’s smokescreen. Players fail the conditioning run all the time. Bill Parcells used to bank on one of his veterans failing so that he could cut him early in camp, sending a message to the rest of his roster (especially knuckleheaded rookies like Terry Glenn, for example) that it had better come ready to work hard every single day. It’s never an issue when a productive player is involved. You think Ted Washington or Kris Jenkins could pass any sort of fitness test? What about Flozell ‘The Hotel’ Adams? Those three men racked up 13 Pro Bowl appearances during their respective NFL careers while playing in the trenches. Speed in the open field wasn’t exactly a job requirement for them to be effective.

What’s really going on here is that Haynesworth is being punished for his vocal stand this offseason about not wanting to shift from defensive end to nose tackle in new head coach Mike Shanahan’s 3-4 defensive scheme, leading to trade discussions with several other teams that ultimately broke down. The major sticking point was the $100-million contract that Haynesworth signed just last season to join Washington from the Tennessee Titans, a record-setting haul dished out by Snyder to the NFL’s top free agent in its 2009 class.

Haynesworth acted like a prima donna in the offseason. We won’t dispute that. His behavior, however, isn’t anything close to as childish as his organization’s conduct. As usual with Snyder, who would rather spend big in free agency looking for a quick fix than take the patient approach of developing players through the draft, he’s having a bit of buyer’s remorse. He felt the same way when he ended up with dead money clogging his salary cap space for years when Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders and a bunch of other over-the-hill players failed to produce for the Redskins like they had during their prime. Shanahan and Snyder are about to shift Haynesworth into that group of busts if they don’t change their approach. There are no winners the way this situation is currently playing out.


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