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Lock up your liquor cabinets…

Posted by Bill Koch on August 2, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

…because Lindsay Lohan is back on the loose.

One of Ramble On’s favorite troublemakers was released from a California prison early Monday morning after serving about two weeks of a 90-day sentence for violating her probation. Lohan was taken into custody after setting off an alcohol-monitoring device attached to her ankle, a bracelet that became one of the world’s most famous fashion accessories during her appearance on an MTV red carpet.

Lohan went straight into a 90-day rehabilitation program at an undisclosed facility after her release. We have to wonder if Dr. Drew Pinsky or any of the other celebrity physicians in Hollywood can help Lohan finally kick whatever combination of booze, cocaine and pills that she’s been trying to kill herself with for most of the last five years.

What’s next for Lohan? A revival of her movie career? Sex tapes? Porn? Playboy? We wouldn’t be surprised if any of these options end up happening, and we wouldn’t exactly be avoiding them either. As these pictures prove, Lohan’s fastball is still pretty strong even after all these years of self-abuse. There’s also something about a woman who’s a little crazy – as my co-conspirator BDowd likes to say, Lohan’s got to be 100 percent down to do some unspeakable things. Let’s hope we get to see some of them sometime soon.


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