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Welcoming the EPL into my life

Posted by bdowd625 on August 13, 2010

(You and I are about to become real good friends, Emile Heskey.)

After becoming quite smitten with the 2010 World Cup earlier this summer, I’ve decided to continue my soccer binge by selecting an English Premier League team to follow this season. If this idea sounds familiar, it’s because Bill Simmons jumped into the world of soccer the same way in one of his ESPN columns a few years back. He, too, selected a random team, choosing Tottenham Hotspur, mainly because he thought they had a cool name. Looks like it worked out just fine for you, Billy Boy.

Instead of picking my team based on its name, though, I’ve decided to find a middle-of-the-pack squad that’s not exactly a serious contender this year. I won’t look like a frontrunner that way. With that in mind, I have chosen – drumroll, please – Aston Villa. Do I know anything about this team? Absolutely not. Can I name a single player other than Heskey? Nope. But I plan on doing my due diligence this year and becoming a Villa aficionado. Here’s hoping for a good season, men. Now let’s take down West Ham!


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