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Thumb injury KOs disgraceful K-Rod

Posted by Bill Koch on August 16, 2010

Monday brought true punishment to Francisco Rodriguez after his disgraceful incident at Citi Field last week.

This isn’t going to be the little two-game slap on the wrist imposed by one of Major League Baseball’s most gutless and rudderless organizations. The New York Mets closer will have surgery on his right thumb after sustaining a torn ligament while allegedly slapping around his children’s grandfather.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rodriguez was arrested and charged with assaulting Carlos Pena outside the family room at New York’s home ballpark last week, an ugly incident that occurred just a few feet from other horrified Mets’ girlfriends, wives and children. According to police, Rodriguez got into a heated altercation with Pena, dragged him out of the room and started firing right-handed fastballs at his face. Pena’s daughter, Daian, and Rodriguez have 11-month-old twins. It’s a safe guess that it’ll be a long time before Rodriguez enjoys an unsupervised visit with any of them anytime soon, and now his livelihood looks like it could follow his family out the door. As far as we’re concerned, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy if all of the allegations are true.

The Mets responded with an 18-word statement and allowed Rodriguez to slither off the hook with a 56-second apology in which he never said sorry to the man he allegedly assaulted. It was another low point for a franchise that is held for ransom from its fans by owner Fred Wilpon, his stooge of a son, Jeff, money-burning general manager Omar Minaya and lame-duck manager Jerry Manuel. Rodriguez’s temper has stripped him of something that those men should have taken away already – his livelihood. He should have been suspended for the rest of the season for doing such a thing on team property in front of team employees and associates. The lack of accountability in Queens continues to be absolutely pathetic.

You can expect New York to try to do the right thing and void the remaining one year and $11.5 million on Rodriguez’s abortion of a contract, but don’t think for a second that the Mets have all of a sudden had an epiphany and are trying to do the right thing. The front office is trying to make up for the fact that it’s going to miss the postseason for the second straight year despite having one of baseball’s top five payrolls. It’s a comedy of errors that we here at Ramble On will revisit on the day that New York is officially eliminated from playoff contention.

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