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Favre makes return official…finally…like you didn’t know it was happening all along

Posted by Bill Koch on August 18, 2010

Much like the rest of the free world, we here at Ramble On are happy that the latest installment in the Brett Favre Chronicles is done and dusted. Favre let everyone in on one of football’s worst-kept secrets on Wednesday when he returned to practice with the Minnesota Vikings and announced that he would play again this season.

Yes, we’ve had enough of this just like you. We would love to just ignore it and let it go away. We can’t. Fact is that Favre makes the Vikings one of the top five teams in the NFL thanks to the weapons already in place in Minnesota, and he was pretty damn good while helping to lead the Vikings to the NFC championship game last year. All the Favre haters out there snicker and point out that he threw an interception that helped the New Orleans Saints pull off the victory, but the events that led up to that – a 33-to-7 touchdown-to-interception ratio during the regular season, 4,200 passing yards, a 13-5 record – have done more than enough to convince us that Favre can still play at a high level. As we’ve said before here at Ramble On, none of this discussion would be necessary if Minnesota actually thought that Tarvaris Jackson could do a capable job under center.

Favre wouldn’t be Favre without making a few ridiculous statements along the way, and he didn’t disappoint on Wednesday. The notion that he’s certainly done after this season all because it’s No. 20 of his Hall of Fame career can’t possibly be believed. The idea that he never knew whether or not he was going to be able to play in 2010, using his bothersome right ankle as an excuse, is laughable. This man has started almost 300 straight games in the NFL. He’s impervious to pain, whether he’s 41 or 21. One thing is for sure – the NFL is certainly much more interesting with The Ol’ Gunslinger back in the huddle.

Side note – we’ll never play poker with Brad Childress. He’s managed to beautifully navigate these turbulent waters for the last two years without breaking a sweat or having his team chemistry ruined by Favre’s constant waffling. Childress was either bluffing and waiting to see Favre’s cards or knew that he was holding a full house all along. Either way, Childress’ team just got a huge boost in its efforts to reach Super Bowl XLV.


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