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Clemens set to face federal chin music

Posted by Bill Koch on August 19, 2010

It’s been a month filled with scumbags here at Ramble On, so Roger Clemens should feel right at home while we blast him today.

The Rocket is about to be indicted on federal perjury charges, the product of his horseshit testimony in front of Congress almost three years ago that stemmed from him being named in The Mitchell Report to Major League Baseball about steroid and performance-enhancing drug use in the game. Much like Francisco Rodriguez and Isiah Thomas before him, we don’t think something like this could happen to a nicer guy.

Brian McNamee is a federal rat and a weasel, but his version of Clemens’ drug use was much more believable than The Rocket’s blatant denials. Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, and his almost comical defense strategy of trying to get red-faced and angry enough to make Congress go away was misguided from the start. Clemens’ goose was officially cooked when Andy Pettitte, his good friend and offseason training partner, admitted to using human growth hormone. There’s no way that Pettitte, who is about as whipped as they come by his ever-charming wife, Laura, would have spoken out of turn or pursued HGH on his own.

And so ends the Hall of Fame hopes of Clemens, who actually had our sympathy when Dan Duquette ran him out of Boston in the 1990s. Clemens underwent an incredible physical transformation over the next decade, gaining velocity and reshaping his body thanks to ‘hard work’ and ‘dedication.’ We now know that so much of what he did was a lie, much like so many other players in that era. It’s about to become a matter of public record one more time, and Clemens isn’t going to like his second turn under oath any more than his first.


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