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Furyk feels the PGA’s wrath

Posted by Bill Koch on August 25, 2010

Our man BDowd overslept his alarm this morning and rolled into the office at The Real Job a little later than usual.

Seems like a simple enough statement, doesn’t it? Well, if BDowd was Jim Furyk and our office was a golf course, he’d be fired for the week.

Furyk was disqualified from The Barclays because he showed up late for the Wednesday pro-am. He claimed (lamely) that his cell phone battery died and his alarm never went off, causing him to miss the scheduled 7:30 a.m. shotgun start at Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, N.J. Furyk arrived at 7:35 and looked generally disheveled, exactly like you would expect a guy to look after he overslept – no socks, no belt, untied shoes, etc. Tournament officials and the PGA showed the veteran Ryder Cup participant and consistently solid tour professional no mercy and whacked him for the weekend’s FedEx Cup opener, a decision that could prove costly. Furyk entered the PGA’s joke of a season-ending playoff system at No. 3 in the FedEx Cup standings.

You can guess where we’re going with this here at Ramble On – we think it’s ridiculous. Who could blame Furyk for a having a couple of pops at the tournament gala in Manhattan on a Tuesday night, staying in bed a little later than usual and celebrating the fact that he significantly overachieved when he married his lovely wife, Tabitha? Who wouldn’t try to avoid the small talk with the Wall Street thieves who were set to make up the rest of his foursome? It’s not like Furyk was pulling a Tiger Woods and chasing Holly Sampson around all hopped up on Ambien and PEDs.

P.S. – (Sorry to out you my man, but we’re sharing life experiences here at Ramble On. It’s part of what makes us so damn loveable.)

P.P.S. — This was the freakin’ PRO-AM!! We all know how Allen Iverson would feel about oversleeping the pro-am…


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