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Sending some love to Love in Stockholm

Posted by Bill Koch on August 26, 2010

We promise pop culture here at Ramble On, and today we’re going to deliver some that is both relevant and can make you a little too cool for school.

Think back and try to remember how it feels to be the first person to know something. How good is it when one of your friends confides in you? How cool do you feel when your friends are talking about something and you already know all the facts? Come on, admit it – we all love it. That’s just human nature.

Pop culture provides daily opportunities to be the famous Saturday Night Live One-Upper. We’re about to hand you one on a platter while we take the next few graphs to talk about one of our favorite bands.

The first time we caught Love in Stockholm’s act was in December. It was some grungy Irish bar in Cranston, RI (to be fair, right in our strike zone), and these guys lit it up. Their searing blend of jazz, funk, soul and a little taste of pop caught our attention right away. It felt like it must have the first time someone saw Dave Matthews Band at Trax or the first time someone caught moe. or O.A.R. at some dive when they were first starting out. We were hooked immediately, and we think you all should check these guys out.

Imagine Maroon 5’s Adam Levine – if he could actually sing. That’s Love in Stockholm frontman Charlie Rockwell. Any band worth its salt needs someone dynamic leading the way, and Rockwell has ‘it.’ ‘It’ isn’t something tangible. ‘It’ isn’t something that can be taught. ‘It’ just happens, and this man has ‘it’ covered from start to finish the way he prowls the stage and commands attention. His range is unlimited and his ability to connect with a room, whether it’s four people, 40 people or 400 people, demands attention.

Rockwell is backed by a robust rhythm section, led by drummer Jesse Humphrey and bassist Alex Staley, and features plenty of power from its horns and keyboards in Dave Carroll and Evan Sanders. Brendie McBrien holds it down on guitar. These are the type of guys who will hang with you before the show, blow your mind during the show and have a beer with you after the show (Narragansett, PBR or something along those lines – these guys don’t do high maintenance).

We’ve seen them play big venues and small venues, to big crowds and friends and family only. We saw no difference between the intensity, tightness and professionalism of the shows, a tribute to how solid and focused these guys are. They don’t seem to ever have a bad night. You likely won’t either if you head out to catch their show when they come to your town.


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