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3 Responses to “Crunch time comes early for Red Sox”

  1. Steve G. said

    1) None of the Rays’ contract figures account for bonuses, which in most cases were several million bucks.

    2) The Rays got access to all of those players because they stunk for so long. The amazing thing about the Red Sox and the Yankees hasn’t been their work in free agency – both teams have had some big hits (David Ortiz, Pettite) and big misses (Lugo, Burnett). It’s been how they’ve picked some All-Star players in the draft despite not picking above 15 for most of the past decade. Pedroia, Youkilis, Papelbon, Lester and others were all late first or later picks, I believe, and I don’t think either team went significantly over slot each time a la the Detroit Tigers.

    • bk1015 said

      The total amount in signing bonuses paid out by the Rays for the players I cited in this piece (Price, Garza, Shields, Davis, Niemann, Sonnanstine, Hellickson, Longoria, Jaso and Upton) was a total of $8.6 million from 2000-07, an average of less than $1.1 million per year.
      Zobrist (sixth round by Houston), Jaso (12th round), Sonnanstine (13th round) and Shields (16th round) received minimal bonuses. Price (six years, $8.5 million) and Niemann (five years, $5.2 million) both received Major League deals which they are drastically outperforming. Add in those two amounts and that brings the total to $22.3 million — or, less than $5 million more than John Lackey is receiving for this season alone.

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