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A tale of two pitchers

Posted by bdowd625 on August 31, 2010

Words can’t even begin to express how deliriously happy I am right now, and, miraculously, it’s because of something the Red Sox did. Boston traded reliever Manny Delcarmen to the Colorado Rockies earlier today, bringing an end to a six-year reign of terror in the bullpen. On the surface, Delcarmen’s story is one you can get behind. He’s originally from Hyde Park, a hometown kid playing out his baseball dreams down the street at Fenway Park. But before I start to sound too much like Bill Reynolds of The Providence Journal, I’ll snap you back to reality. Delcarmen was AWFUL with the Sox. I can remember maybe one span – one! – during his time in Boston where I felt confident when he came into a game. For the majority of his time here, though, it’s been a bunch of 90-mph fastballs right down the dick that ended up getting swatted into the bleachers. Good riddance, Manny. I can’t wait to see how far those gopher balls travel in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have Pedro Martinez. Martinez did an interview on 98.5 The Sports Hub tonight, bringing back fond memories of his ridiculously dominant run as a member of the Red Sox. Chances are we’ll never see anyone else like Pedro again and, honestly, I’m OK with that. In his prime, there was no one better. I’ll forever be thankful for what he and his teammates did in 2004 to end an 86-year World Series drought. Pedro genuinely enjoyed pitching in Boston and watching him was something I won’t soon forget.


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