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Crying Colts get their way again — this is not a recording

Posted by Bill Koch on September 2, 2010

What a shock we’ve had here today at Ramble On. The IndiaNoPlace Colts have cried, whined, screamed and gotten their way again.

Peyton Manning, Bill Polian and St. Anthony of Indianapolis (that’s Tony Dungy for those of you who haven’t gotten the memo that he’s the second coming of The Messiah) apparently can do no wrong as far as the National Football League is concerned – unless it includes raising kids or maintaining any sort of professional dignity. The league has caved to the PR campaign orchestrated by Manning and Polian and will move umpires back to their original positions for the final five minutes of each half during the final round of preseason games this weekend. We can all see what’s going to happen next. The NFL will try to save face, insist that this is the better way and cave to the Colts’ demands.

All it took was Manning being whistled for a pair of false start – snap infringement penalties against the Green Bay Packers the other night for the usual tantrum about league rules to start in the Midwest. We’ve already reviewed the situation this week and we’re not going to cover that ground again, but it needs to be noted that it took the NFL took only 48 hours before changing a rule that was implemented in the offseason as a safety precaution to protect umpires from the collisions that have been knocking them out of games and out for seasons.

And people accuse Bill Belichick of being the cheater. Here was Belichick’s reaction to the new rule and his thoughts on how the New England Patriots would adapt to it just one day after Manning let loose in Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column:

“I think we are more concerned about what we are doing,” Belichick said. “Whatever the officials are doing, they are doing. We’ll adjust to it or deal with it whatever it is. Right now, we are more concerned about what we’re doing.”

Now, Belichick knows damn well that his team is going to be throwing the ball a ton this season. He knows there are times when he’s going to put Tom Brady in the no-huddle and have the Patriots air it out. He knows that defenses will face the same struggles against New England that they do when they face the Colts.

With all that said, Belichick isn’t on the phone to King or Roger Goddell or anyone else on the NFL Competition Committee to change a rule that without question could hurt his football team’s chances of winning games. That passes for common practice in IndiaNoPlace, an organization that took on Dungy’s Holier Than Thou persona while he was the coach there and won’t let it go. The next time you hear Belichick pass judgment on Rex Ryan like Dungy did earlier this year will be the first.

To put in perspective how disgusting this should be to the rest of the league, consider this – it’s something that Patriots’ fans and Jets’ fans can agree on, something that hasn’t happened very much since Bill Parcells took his groceries and turned up in Manhattan.


4 Responses to “Crying Colts get their way again — this is not a recording”

  1. Ricky said

    Really? You call Dungy’s parenting skills into question because his son killed himself? And you rip the guy for not liking someone for swearing. You make it sound like Dungy is one of the worst people in the NFL. The dude has different morals then some people, big deal. But to call him out about his kid, that’s low.

    And really, this rule change needed to happen and I’m not even a Colts fan. It was obviously slowing down their offense. The whole point of a hurry up offense is to actually hurry up. The ref was causing a delay every time and it was allowing the defense more time to adjust.

    • bk1015 said

      Dungy can set whatever moral standard he wants — but he’s not the judge, jury and executioner. For him to pass judgment on the actions and conduct of others is self-righteous at best and egomaniacal at worst. Dungy, Andy Reid, Bill Belichick — all of them have had trouble with their kids. It’s not a coincidence. They’re all essentially absentee fathers because their jobs demand it.
      The rule was put in as a safety issue. The league’s officials were in danger and the league acted. The Colts clearly don’t give a damn.

    • bk1015 said

      As always, thanks for reading. We never expect everyone to agree — just trying to provoke some opinion.

  2. Matt Jose said

    This is probably the first thing I’ve read of yours BK that I can get on board with. Please continue to recognize that you’re from RI and realize taht no one wants to read anti-Boston sports blogs.

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