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T.I. = Total. Idiot.

Posted by Bill Koch on September 2, 2010

For today’s proof that most criminals – especially celebrity criminals – can’t be rehabilitated, we submit T.I. for your reading pleasure.

We can’t say that we’re shocked that the rapper/actor/repeat offender was arrested and charged with drug possession on Wednesday. T.I. and his new wife, Tameka Cottle, got hooked up in Hollywood at 4 a.m. after police smelled marijuana coming from their vehicle. A search turned up potential evidence of ecstasy, methamphetamine and ‘Purple Drank,’ the ghetto version of codeine syrup that sunk Oakland Raiders’ bust JaMarcus Russell, and we’d like to congratulate T.I. for graduating to controlled substances. We suppose that he can only hurt himself while he’s trying to put a little edge on after a long day in the studio.

This would be all well and good if it was an isolated incident, but T.I. is freshly out of federal prison after serving seven months for weapons possession. The array of rifles, automatics and silencers that police found leads us to believe that T.I. might have been planning a trip to Afghanistan to take down Al Qaeda in the near future. There’s no other reason that he could have been hiding enough guns to open his own shooting range in his back yard.

T.I.’s celebrity bailed him out the first time around, along with the self-serving show that he put together to try to sway judges and potential jurors that he truly realized he’d done something wrong. I guess he didn’t pay much attention in jail either while he was teaching a course to his fellow criminals on self-enrichment. Let’s hope the next judge that hears a case involving T.I. gives him a little longer than 210 days behind bars to think about the seriousness of his actions. Doing 5-10 years in a federal hole might be just enough time to knock the celebrity out of his head and make him truly miss his wife and kids enough to keep on the straight and narrow. All of our readers out there already know that they’d be facing the same type of sentence if they weren’t selling out arenas and making movies.

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