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A-Rod, Boras divorce

Posted by Bill Koch on September 3, 2010

Alex Rodriguez dumped Scott Boras. End of story.

We don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Rodriguez already signed his final professional contract – that 10-year, $275-million heist that he perpetrated on the New York Yankees. That deal takes Rodriguez until he’s 42 years old, and he’s not playing anymore after that. He’s got enough money to live 10 additional lifetimes, but six more G4s and a fleet of Bentleys that would make the Sultan of Brunei jealous. Boras got his standard eight percent cut of the deal, threw it in the bank and went back to hanging in his field box at Angels Stadium and at his waterfront lair in Newport Beach, Calif.

Was there any reason to think that this relationship would last? Both men are mercenaries out to make the most money possible over the course of their lives. That’s why Rodriguez signed with Boras in the first place, and that’s why Boras pursued and signed Rodriguez as a client. Rodriguez has no loyalty – his jump from Seattle to Texas to The Bronx was entirely driven by greed and ego. His personal life is dotted with cheating, broken relationships, a failed marriage, PED use and general alienation of most of the people around him. Boras, to Major League Baseball’s owners and general managers, is a living, breathing, negotiating version of Satan himself. These guys were destined to end up together and destined to drift apart. There’s no story here to tell.


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