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It’s about time…

Posted by bdowd625 on September 4, 2010

We here at Ramble On awoke to news this morning that former Red Sox slugger and resident knucklehead Manny Ramirez had apologized for his childish behavior during his eight-year tenure with Boston. Gee, Manny, thanks for the timeliness, you asshat. It only took two whole years for you to spit it out. You could have salvaged your legacy here had you done this when you originally shot your way out of town in August of 2008.

But really, we didn’t need the apology. We knew the second you moved on to the Los Angeles Dodgers that everything was your fault. We argued against fanboys like T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times, insisting that the honeymoon period would come to an abrupt and ugly end. And we were right. Eventually the Dodgers couldn’t deal with your immature shit either, and owner Frank McCourt – currently in a major financial crisis – shipped you off without a second thought simply to pocket a little extra cash.

For all the ridiculous talent you have Manny – and it can be argued that your use of female fertility drugs helped bolster that talent – your shenanigans simply weren’t worth it. Thanks for the World Series titles and the memories, both good and bad. But your someone else’s problem now, and that’s certainly fine by me.


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