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Revis makes his return, and — no, this isn’t a mistake — we like it

Posted by Bill Koch on September 6, 2010

We here at Ramble On would like to congratulate the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis on finally reaching a long-term deal.

Revis ended his holdout late Sunday night by reportedly agreeing to a seven-year contract. He’ll be in New York’s starting lineup when the Jets face off against the Baltimore Ravens in a matchup of two AFC heavyweights in Week 1. The signing brings an end to one of the NFL offseason’s hottest storylines, one that was chronicled daily in New York’s newspapers, talked about on its radio stations and shown in detail on the terrific HBO series Hard Knocks.

We’d also like to extend a hand to the Jets’ fans out there, but maybe not for the reason you would think. All the New England Patriots’ fans will have those hands ready to slap your faces now that Revis is back and your team is whole. We didn’t want to hear any bull*#@& excuses about how Revis wasn’t on the field or about how Revis was still holding out or about how the Jets were missing their best player while the Patriots rolled to another AFC East title and New York missed the playoffs. It would have been worse listening to you whine and complain than it has been hearing about how the Jets are going to be making a Super Bowl run this season. We actually would have felt bad for you before – we sure as hell won’t now.

Bringing in a bunch of domestic batterers like Santonio Holmes doesn’t scare us for a minute. Mark Sanchez is still a turnover machine. LaDainian Tomlinson is still a gutless worm who will quit on you just like he screwed San Diego in the AFC Championship Game against New England. Jason Taylor is still 65 years old. Vernon Gholston is still one of the five biggest draft busts of the past 20 years. Antonio Cromartie still can’t remember exactly where his 24 kids are right now. Those are the sort of character guys in the locker room that will bring your pathetic franchise to its first title game in over four decades? No chance, Revis or not, but now the Jets will know that even their best players weren’t enough. I can speak for all of New England when I say that we can’t wait to watch them fail together.


One Response to “Revis makes his return, and — no, this isn’t a mistake — we like it”

  1. […] What exactly have the Jets won? Since when did signing Santonio Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson mean anything? Will adding a nursery in the New Meadowlands Stadium turn Antonio Cromartie back into an All-Pro and help him remember the names and ages of his 24 kids by 16 women? Lewis spewed his particular brand of venom at a team that went 9-7 last season, backed into the playoffs when the IndiaNoPlace Colts tanked a game down the stretch and benefitted from San Diego’s annual postseason choke job (a game where Tomlinson and Cromartie were playing for the losing team, for the record). […]

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