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Moss making life difficult for Pats

Posted by Bill Koch on September 12, 2010

We know this is never going to happen, but we really want Randy Moss to STFU and just play football.

Moss was at it again during his postgame press conference on Sunday, popping off about how he doesn’t think he’ll be a member of the New England Patriots next season after his contract expires. He chose to do this less than an hour after New England opened its season with a 38-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at Gillette Stadium.

Most of what Moss actually said wasn’t too bad. He didn’t accuse the team and its ownership of lying like Logan Mankins did during the offseason. He didn’t refuse to apologize for accusing the team of lying like Mankins did inside the past month. He didn’t threaten to hold out like Darrelle Revis did in New York, leaving the Jets in limbo until a week before the season. He didn’t tank it on the field today like he did during his final season in Oakland, forcing the Raiders to ship him to New England for the laughably cheap price of a fourth round pick.

What Moss is doing, however, is becoming a distraction. This is the second time he’s made comments like these now and our fears here at Ramble On have nothing to do with how he deals with the situation – he’ll be just fine. He’s used to the controversy from the time he lost his scholarship to Florida State, the time he slid to late in the first round of the NFL Draft, the time he bumped a Minnesota meter maid with his car and the time he simulated mooning the crowd at Lambeau Field. His teammates in New England are the ones who will be affected because they’ll have to answer questions about this issue every day in the locker room. Bill Belichick will have to spend at least five minutes each day during his press conferences dancing around the issue as only he can. On second thought, Belichick might actually enjoy this. He’s mastered the art of saying something without saying anything – it is what it I, anyone? – but he’s not going to tolerate the rest of his team having its focus diverted. That’s exactly what could happen if Moss does this for a third time or a fourth, and we’re hoping it doesn’t come to that. If it was up to us, we wouldn’t hear from him again this season.


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