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Posted by bdowd625 on September 13, 2010

Is this what the new era of New York Jets football is going to look like? Six first downs and 125 penalty yards? I’m so glad Hard Knocks prepared us for a title-contending team when, in reality, we’re forced to watch a cast of surly characters that belongs in a Pop Warner league. I’ll give the defense some props – it certainly held up its end of the bargain – but Mark Sanchez looks like he wouldn’t be able to lead USC on a scoring drive right now, let alone an NFL squad. So in keeping with our theme here at Ramble On, here are five thoughts from tonight’s Jets/Ravens tilt:

* Did anyone see the scuffle that took place at midfield before the game even started? Bart Scott ended up whipping a football at about 110 MPH right at Ray Rice’s back. With an arm like that, I think Rex Ryan should consider moving him to quarterback for the rest of the season. He has to rack up more yardage on a weekly basis than Sanchez did tonight.

* My dad had the line of the night during the fourth quarter. ESPN put the camera on the Jets secondary and the old man says, “Hey, look, it’s Revis and Butthead.” Butthead being none other than Antonio Cromartie. There aren’t many names more fitting than Butthead when you get flagged for three pass-interference calls and a handful of child-support infractions. Deadbeat might be an alternative, but making that joke is a little too easy at this point.

* As my man BK has been attesting for a while now, you simply SHOULD NOT piss off Ray Lewis. Ray-Ray is getting up there in age a little bit, but my God can the man still hit. Just ask Dustin Keller. He got his cage rattled so loudly in the fourth quarter that he forgot he needed to go an extra yard on fourth down to keep his team’s drive alive on the very next play. If I’m the Jets’ doctors I’m giving Dustin a CT scan when he gets back to the locker room.

* For the first part of this game, I was actually hoping the Jets defense would play well to help out my fantasy team. Once I realized I had no chance of winning this week, though, I prayed they’d get torched like Joe Pesci’s head in Home Alone. My love for the Patriots will always surpass any fantasy interests, and tonight just drove that point home even further.

* I found it comical that LaDainian Tomlinson started thumping his chest whenever he picked up a first down. Dude, your team has 9 points and is going nowhere fast. Save all the celebration bullshit. Better yet, go put your Darth Vader cape on and ride the exercise bike until further notice.

I can’t wait for next week when the Pats visit New Meadowlands Stadium. By the way, that name is nothing short of an atrocity.


7 Responses to “J-E-T-S! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!”

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  3. pizzadude8@gmail.com said

    I came across this post of yours today, bdowd625. Read it and weep, you disillusioned dick nose. Your posting privileges ought to be seriously curtailed for writing such a completely error filled diatribe. Not only are you not credible, this post shows how much of a moron you really are. Better to keep silent and thought a fool, then to sit at a computer and write nonsense, and remove all doubt…

    • bdowd625 said

      Nice timing, you clown. This post was written more than two months ago, so, yes, things have changed. The Jets are now 9-2. Congratulations! Maybe they should start sizing their Super Bowl rings right now. As for the rest of your post – I’m assuming “dick nose” was the only term you didn’t find in a thesaurus? Either way, it’s nice to know a worldy academic like yourself is reading our blog. Keep up the good work!

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