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Diaz makes his way into Ramble On’s heart

Posted by Bill Koch on September 21, 2010

We’ll admit that we’ve been slacking a little bit on our baseball coverage here at Ramble On, and that’s mainly because a certain team that plays its home games at Fenway Park has fallen out of the American League postseason chase. (It’s also due to my own self-imposed embargo on anything Red Sox-related until the season is over.)

That changes today thanks to Matt Diaz, the Atlanta Braves outfielder who sealed his place as a Ramble On favorite on Monday night by taking the law into his own hands in Philadelphia. Diaz helped security at Citizens Bank Park take down some jerk that had the balls to run onto the field in the bottom of the seventh inning.

What Diaz did wasn’t all that spectacular – he simply stuck out a leg and tripped some idiot wearing red spandex that covered his body from head to toe. We were hoping for a clothesline that snapped the guy’s neck or a sucker punch that broke the guy’s jaw, but we’ll settle for action of any kind and love it. Security took care of the rest and hauled the guy off to jail. Diaz received a standing ovation from the crowd and plenty of love from his teammates when he got back to the dugout for making the move that he did.

Apparently Philly fan will never learn. It was Phillies’ security who used a Taser to take down some other moron earlier this summer – by comparison, this most recent loser got off cheap. And it’s not like this was a game between two teams just playing out the string. We could almost understand if someone slid into second base at Fenway during this series between the Red Sox and the Orioles. The Phillies and the Braves are essentially starting the postseason early, with Philadelphia holding a three-game lead in the National League East when the series began and Atlanta clinging desperately to a wild card berth. The focus should have been on baseball – and, thanks to Diaz, it got back there in a hurry.


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