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Edwards the latest Jet to crash

Posted by Bill Koch on September 21, 2010

Doesn’t Braylon Edwards make enough money to hire a driver for the night?

Can’t he get one of the lackeys in his entourage to take the keys and rack up any potential DWI charges on the way home after a long night out in Manhattan? That’s what those guys are there for, right?

Certainly Braylon could just rack a hotel room on the West Side by dropping the classic, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m Braylon Edwards, and I play for Rex Ryan’s motherf%$&*^@ Jets!’

The answer to all of those questions, apparently, is ‘NO.’ Yes, capital letters were used on purpose – the answer has to be pretty emphatic when you consider that Edwards got hooked this morning at 5:15 a.m. and slapped with a DWI charge while piloting his Range Rover in Manhattan. Edwards was pulled over for having an illegal tint on his windows (a classic excuse to pull someone over straight out of Police Work 101) and blew a .16 on the breathalyzer.

Edwards got behind the wheel Tuesday morning despite the option to use the Player Protect program, a 24-hour car service that entitles professional athletes to a ride home in a luxury SUV or a Mercedes limo. The teams that employ the service pick up the tab, no questions asked. Instead of riding home in style, Edwards got an unwanted escort in the back of a squad car and a night in the drunk tank to think about how badly he’s screwed up his latest second chance.

We’ll address our own questions one at a time. Edwards makes $6.05 million this season – that’s probably enough to afford a ride home from Jupiter after a long night out. Hiring a car service or a limo is probably within Edwards’ price range, and he didn’t even need to do that. His team would have covered the cost.

Edwards was with four passengers in his vehicle when he was pulled over. These four clowns also have to take some blame here if you’re in the Edwards camp. Guys, that bar tab and all the whores at Flashdancers [this link is VERY NSFW] were covered by your meal ticket – who you let jump behind the wheel and get in trouble. Epic. Failure. This is Entourage 101. You ever see Vincent Chase driving home after a long night out? That’s what Turtle is for. He takes the wrap if they get caught passing a joint around the tricked-out Lincoln.

Tuesday is a mandatory day off for NFL players. Edwards could have slept in a gutter and been just fine to show up for Wednesday’s practice – he likely has the cash to rent a room as we discussed earlier. He didn’t need to be anywhere after he showed up to teammate Jericho Cotchery’s benefit on Monday night. Sleep it off, crack some Advil and live to fight another day.

We’d expect nothing less from an undisciplined moron like Edwards. He’s been in trouble with the law before and was present on that fateful night/morning in Miami when Donte’ Stallworth took the keys at about 7 a.m. and ran down a pedestrian. The trade that brought Edwards to New York from Cleveland, where he was a bust as a first-round pick out of Michigan, was partly triggered by a fight that Edwards started with a member of LeBron James’ entourage outside a nightclub in 2009. Edwards pled no contest to assault charges, was slapped on the wrist and received a one-way ticket out of town from the Browns.

What do we expect Edwards to learn from his current organization? They took away a game ball from him after he was flagged for taunting on Sunday against the Patriots. It should have happened twice, but the officials showed mercy and left Edwards alone when he started woofing in Darius Butler’s face the second time around after he caught a 2-point conversion pass.

That’s been the problem all along – Edwards has asked for and received leniency. He was allowed to plead no contest to his Cleveland charges and not punished by New York despite leaving for his court date in the middle of preparing for a playoff game. He was never reprimanded by the league for his role in the Stallworth incident – guaranteed some of Braylon’s Patron shots ended up pickling Stallworth’s brain in the hours leading up to that accident. Ryan took away a potential game ball from him on Sunday? Big frickin’ deal. The Jets could send a strong message to him and the rest of their idiots by suspending him without pay for a few games, including this week’s critical AFC East clash with Miami. Want to take a guess about what we think the chances of that happening are?


2 Responses to “Edwards the latest Jet to crash”

  1. […] Edwards was hooked for DWI at 5:15 a.m. on Manhattan’s West Side and held in jail until his arraignment later in the day. The Jets quickly went into damage control, issuing statements and publicizing their Player Protect program that could have offered Edwards a luxury ride home free of charge. They tried to get out in front of the issue, but like so many other times in Edwards’ life they didn’t go far enough to make sure that he would make a legitimate attempt to change his ways. They obvious didn’t care too much that two of Edwards’ teammates, Vernon Gholston and D’Brickashaw Ferguson, were passengers in Edwards’ Range Rover and also could have been seriously hurt as a result of Edwards’ recklessness. […]

  2. […] it was Rex Ryan needing a bar of soap to wash out his potty mouth. Then it was Braylon Edwards getting hooked for DWI on Tuesday morning and adding his name to the roster of criminals and drug users that general […]

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