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Posted by Bill Koch on September 22, 2010

We’re sickened here at Ramble On to hear the news that Marc Savard could miss the entire 2010-11 Boston Bruins season while struggling to overcome post-concussion syndrome.

News leaked on Tuesday that Savard was still feeling the effects of a gutless elbow thrown by Pittsburgh Penguins hack Matt Cooke during a regular season game in March. Savard was cleared to play in the postseason and scored the winning goal in Game 1 of the series against the Philadelphia Flyers (we’d rather not talk about how that ended up), but he’s clearly not right as training camp kicks into gear this fall.

Our man BDowd is crushed by this news, almost to the point where I had to write this post on his behalf. His official No. 91 Savard jersey looks like it’s going to be retired for the immediate future, and Boston’s goal-scoring forwards are going to be a little less effective without one of the league’s elite playmakers feeding them the puck in position to light the lamp on a regular basis. The Bruins were the worst offensive team in the NHL last year – needless to say, they need every offensive option they can find to be 100 percent healthy if they want to make another postseason run this year.

How many times does this have to happen before Boston’s players respond? We’re big fans of Claude Julien here at Ramble On, but Savard joins Patrice Bergeron and Aaron Ward on a list of Bruins’ players who have been mugged in recent seasons with virtually no retaliation. This sort of thing is usually policed by the coaching staff and the players on the bench, and nothing like this would have happened when Cameron Michael Neely was on the ice. Now No. 8 sits with the rest of the luxury suite crowd as the team’s president, and you can be sure that Neely will be just as enraged as we are if Savard is forced to miss even a single game due to this current situation.

We just hope that Boston finally gets the message and starts taking justice into its own hands on the ice. We’ve asked them to do it before and it just hasn’t happened. We’re done with seeing the likes of Randy Jones (who crushed Bergeron from behind), Scott Walker (who sucker punched Ward in the face) and Cooke get off without a scratch while the Bruins lose players by the handful. We hope this is the final straw and demand that some of the old Big Bad Bruins DNA shows up on Causeway Street this winter. If that doesn’t happen, be ready to suffer through another winter of broken bodies wearing black and gold mopping up NHL ice from coast to coast.

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