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Goodell now left to hand out Edwards discipline

Posted by Bill Koch on September 22, 2010

Issuing a challenge to Roger Goodell to hand out discipline is probably the last thing we would do if we were running an NFL franchise.

Of course, we’re not the buffoons who run and coach the New York Jets. By failing to punish Braylon Edwards for his latest brush with the law on Tuesday morning, the Jets have left the door wide open for Goodell to bring the hammer down on their idiot wide receiver.

Edwards was hooked for DWI at 5:15 a.m. on Manhattan’s West Side and held in jail until his arraignment later in the day. The Jets quickly went into damage control, issuing statements and publicizing their Player Protect program that could have offered Edwards a luxury ride home free of charge. They tried to get out in front of the issue, but like so many other times in Edwards’ life they didn’t go far enough to make sure that he would make a legitimate attempt to change his ways. They obvious didn’t care too much that two of Edwards’ teammates, Vernon Gholston and D’Brickashaw Ferguson, were passengers in Edwards’ Range Rover and also could have been seriously hurt as a result of Edwards’ recklessness.

Jets’ general manager Mike Tannenbaum made it clear that Edwards wouldn’t be deactivated for Sunday’s critical AFC East game against the Miami Dolphins. They demoted Edwards from the starting lineup – OH NO! – and left any further action up to the league office. This should tell everyone that the Jets don’t care if their players endanger their fans or the citizens surrounding them by behaving badly – they value winning above all else – and that Edwards can’t possibly already be in the league’s substance abuse program. Were Edwards already in the program, he’d be facing a mandatory four-game suspension for such an arrest and you can bet your mortgage the Jets would have tried to undercut the NFL (think the Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Rapelisberger) and suggested an alternate form of punishment. They already have a wide receiver, Santonio Holmes, serving a league-mandated suspension. They can’t afford to have two playmakers sidelined.

That leaves the matter to Goodell, who has slapped players with far cleaner records than Edwards’ trail of tears. All this former first-round bust needs to do is call Vincent Jackson, Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, Rapelisberger or Holmes to understand that Mr. Goodell doesn’t play game. We only hope that he does what the Jets were too gutless to do on their own and puts Edwards down for the near future.


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