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Fireman Ed the latest Jets’ link to trouble

Posted by Bill Koch on September 23, 2010

Apparently the need for legal advice and discipline isn’t confined to the New York Jets’ players, coaching staff and front office.

First it was Rex Ryan needing a bar of soap to wash out his potty mouth. Then it was Braylon Edwards getting hooked for DWI on Tuesday morning and adding his name to the roster of criminals and drug users that general manager Mike Tannenbaum has put together. Now New York’s most identifiable fan, Fireman Ed, is in trouble with the law after being charged on Thursday with simple assault.

Apparently the leader of the infamous ‘J…E…T…S…’ chant shoved a Giants’ fan during a preseason game in August. We here at Ramble On know that these things can happen when heated rivals get together – we’ve been in our share of Red Sox-Yankees scrapes during our time – but this is just hilariously bad timing for the Jets. This is the last type of publicity that they need in the wake of their disastrous trip through Hard Knocks, their shameful indulgence of Edwards’ bad behavior and their head coach’s complete and utter lack of control of his players and organization. We can only sit back and laugh as the Jets become the NFL’s laughingstock yet again.


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