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Dez Bryant learns an expensive lesson

Posted by Bill Koch on September 29, 2010

Was it really worth it, Dez Bryant?

Was not carrying a set of shoulder pads really worth more than the average American citizen makes in a year?

Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie wide receiver, got stuck with a $55,000 tab earlier this week at a Dallas steakhouse after having dinner with his teammates. The bill came to fellow receiver Roy Williams, who calmly handed it to Bryant and made it clear that this was payback for Bryant not following tradition during training camp and carrying Williams’ shoulder pads into the locker room after practice.

I know what some of you might be thinking – how could you possibly spend that much money on dinner? Like this – take a group of hungry football players, slap 30-ounce filets with a la carte fixings in front of them, offer them appetizers, desserts and bottles of accompanying wine that can run thousands of dollars and add in a generous tip worthy of such a group of millionaires. That $50K gets racked up pretty quickly.

Yes, we think it’s pretty disgraceful that a group of people would spend money like this while so many people are struggling financially and our government continues to run our economy into the toilet. Let’s suspend our own personal biases (and credit card debts) for the sake of this issue. We love that Bryant finally got put in his place after acting like a spoiled child and refusing Williams in training camp. For those of you who think that carrying a set of shoulder pads is unfair or hazing, we simply say this – grow up. It’s not so bad. Much worse has been done to people in the name of acceptance into a group. Bryant found out just how much worse it could be on his most recent night out at dinner, and we don’t think it could have happened to a nicer guy.


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