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Saying goodbye to a dear old friend

Posted by bdowd625 on October 3, 2010

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, the Boston Red Sox bid farewell to fan favorite Mike Lowell in a pregame ceremony on Saturday. As such, we here at Ramble On would like to chip in our two cents when it comes to Lowell and his five-year tenure in Boston.

We can honestly say that guys like Lowell don’t come around very often. He’s classier than the day is long, and his production during his time in Beantown far exceeded what anyone expected when he was thrown into the Josh Beckett/Hanley Ramirez deal before the 2006 season. Most people will remember Lowell as the 2007 World Series MVP, and you certainly couldn’t fault them for doing so. But what we’ll remember most is how Lowell always stayed positive even during an up-and-down 2010 season in which he was rarely used. In a day and age where dirtbags run wild in professional sports, Lowell’s true character was always evident.

It’s been a fun ride these last five years, and the Sox will certainly look like a different team when they get to Fort Myers for spring training next season. But we won’t soon forget the effect Lowell has had on the organization. We’ll miss you, Mike, and we know we’re not alone.


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