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What we’re all about…

We here at Ramble On want to give you, the readers, a taste of professional and college sports (along with other assorted nonsense) by bringing it to you with a touch of humor and plenty of sarcasm. Currently we have three contributors to the site and we’re looking to cover as many topics as possible. Please feel free to comment with any questions, criticisms and recommendations you might have for us. Thanks for visiting and keep reading.


One Response to “What we’re all about…”

  1. matt buffardi said

    Yo guys-

    I have Red Sox idea and am looking for your take on it.

    I think as soon as Jerry Remy retires ( I believe he’s been with NESN for at least 20 years now) the job is going to Lou Merloni as color announcer for the Sox on NESN.

    Seems to me that Merloni has a lot of things going in his favor for the position: He’s a local guy, played for a while with the Red Sox, has a lot of commentator experience on WEEI and Comcast Sports New England, and above all seems to be a very well liked guy in the announcing/sports commentary arena.

    To tell you a truth, I think he’s very similar to Remy in many professional aspects. Maybe he even one ups Remy as he seems to be a little more “professional skill” when it comes to Sox reporting and sports commentary.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens once Remy retires.

    Do you guys have a take?

    ~Matt Buffardi

    I’d expect Remy to remain with the sox maybe another 2-3 years. After that, Merloni will get his job likely alongside with Don Orsillo

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