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More disgrace for Mayweather

Posted by Bill Koch on September 10, 2010

The next time Floyd Mayweather, Jr. takes a swing at someone it better be in a boxing ring.

We here at Ramble On are disgusted and sickened by Mayweather’s arrest today for grand larceny, a charge that stemmed from a domestic dispute with the mother of three of his children. It’s not Mayweather’s first rodeo with the legal system – he has a lengthy criminal record littered with exactly these sort of accusations that dates back almost a decade, include previous incidents with this same woman. One thing we will never tolerate here at Ramble On is the disrespect and disregard of all the lovely ladies out there, so we’re going to get after Mayweather before we retire for a Friday night beverage or two.

The arrest adds to a miserable month for boxing’s pound-for-pound king, as Mayweather previously got himself in plenty of hot water thanks to his disgraceful video tirade aimed at fellow pound-for-pound star Manny Pacquiao. What we’re seeing is a man whose life is on the verge of spinning out of control thanks to a sense of entitlement and an ego that wouldn’t fit inside the Grand Canyon. Mayweather knows no other way – his father, Floyd, isn’t a saint by any stretch and his uncle, Roger, can’t exactly keep his hands to himself either. He clearly hasn’t learned anything from the wretched example that those two men have set – namely, to do exactly the opposite of what they do.

The true shame of all of this is that Mayweather is a genius in the ring, one of the most technically sound boxers of the last 50 years and everything that is sweet about the science of the squared circle. Outside the ring he is equally ugly, a racist, a bully, a man who surrounds himself with lemmings who nod their heads at everything he does and cater to his every need at all hours of the day or night. We don’t like that side of Mayweather. We want him alone and in a place where he’s only a danger to one other person – his opponent in the ring.


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