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Five thoughts from Pats/Ravens

Posted by bdowd625 on October 17, 2010

What a game. What a win for the Patriots, who, at the moment, have to be in the discussion as one of the top teams in the NFL at 4-1. I needed a cigarette when it was finally over, but I suppose that’s better than Prozac. And now, it’s time for our weekly five thoughts from Pats/Ravens.

* The New England defense was OUTSTANDING in the fourth quarter and in overtime. Raise your hand if you thought the Pats had a chance to win in OT after losing the coin toss. If your hand is in the air, you have more faith than this guy. I didn’t think New England had a snowball’s chance in hell when the Ravens got the ball first, but the defense just kept making stops, and, after a bit of offensive futility, the Pats moved the ball into field-goal range for Stephen Gostkowski.

* Speaking of Gostkowski, I was pretty nervous when he lined up to take that game-winning kick. For the most part, he’s been money in the bank during his Patriots career, but he’s been a little shaky through the first four games of the season. He had no such issues today, though, blasting a 35-yarder for the win after the 2-minute warning served as our weekly version of “icing the kicker.”

* For all the good that Aaron Hernandez has done so far, he was BRUTAL down the stretch today. The fourth-rounder out of Florida had two inexcusable drops late in the game, miscues that stalled New England’s drives at crucial times. I know I told him to smoke up a few weeks ago, but maybe it’s time to curtail some of the marijuana use.

* If and when I have a kid someday, I’m going to name him (or her, for that matter) Danny Woodhead. Just imagine how inspired that kid would be to overcome insurmountable odds. Have a tough math test coming up that you didn’t study for? Little Danny Woodhead knows how to pull an A+ out of his/her ass. Last pick in dodgeball during recess? Little Danny is about to peg you right in the head to end the game. All joking aside, I love the guy. He’s a perfect fit for what this offense is trying to accomplish.

* And last but not least – welcome back, Deion Branch. One of Tom Brady’s favorite wideouts looked like he never missed a beat since heading to Seattle a few years back. Branch had several key catches for the Pats, including a big touchdown grab to cut New England’s deficit to 20-17. Here’s hoping Branch will bring back that old Patriot magic in the weeks to come.

Now all you Pats fans better go cheer for Denver against the Jets. J-E-T-S! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!


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Five thoughts from Pats/Bills

Posted by bdowd625 on September 26, 2010

Well that was a little more interesting than everyone expected, wasn’t it? I hate listening to pregame talk shows that constantly think the Pats are going to destroy everyone on the planet. The truth of the matter is that with a defense this inexperienced, no lead is safe. As I’ve said before, New England needs to score at least 30 points per game to have a chance. Luckily, that’s exactly what happened against the pesky Bills today. So without further ado, here are five thoughts from today’s Pats/Bills game.

* For as many good plays as the defense made today – and for once Brandon “I like to experiment” Meriweather chipped in – there were just as many brutal ones. Like that third-and-127 the Bills had to convert early in the game. Somehow three Patriot defenders ran into one another, allowing Buffalo to pick up the first down. On top of that, Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like he was from Alabama instead of Harvard. Just way too many big plays from someone who is normally a terrible quarterback.

* I’d like to personally thank Aaron Hernandez for smoking a little herb in college. By dropping to the fourth round in the NFL draft, the Pats picked up a stud tight end, one who is a YAC maniac. Smoke on, Aaron.

* It was great to see Justin Bieb… I mean “Tom Brady” up to his old tricks. Brady made several exceptional throws into tight coverage, including a pair of touchdowns to Randy Moss. The best part about Moss’ touchdowns? He did that hand gesture where he makes it look like he’s leaving the womb. An always classy touch for sure.

* Can someone please teach Kyle Arrington how to tackle? I’m not sure where Darius Butler disappeared to, but Arrington seemed to fan on every tackle he tried to make in the secondary. Yet another sign of the Pats’ ineffectiveness on the defensive of the ball.

* Danny Woodhead might never score another NFL touchdown again, but that’s OK with me. He made small white guys everywhere proud in the second quarter when he broke free for a long touchdown run. It’s even sweeter that Woodhead was a Jets castoff, so suck on that one, Rexy.

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Faulk the latest New England ACL victim?

Posted by Bill Koch on September 21, 2010

Kevin Faulk has always been the type of player you wouldn’t notice until he’s gone – and that might be happening a lot sooner rather than later for the New England Patriots.

Reports started to circulate Tuesday afternoon that Faulk has a torn ACL in his right knee and will be placed on injured reserve, ending his 2010 season almost before it ever really started. The 34-year-old running back will be reevaluated throughout this week and Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick said the team would make a decision on Faulk in the near future. Faulk sustained the injury on Sunday against the New York Jets and didn’t return to the game. Trainers were spotted in the bench area tending to Faulk’s right knee.

This is a crushing blow for New England, both on the field and off. Faulk is a 12-year veteran and the only player on the roster who precedes Belichick, an instant voice of reason and respect in the Patriots’ locker room who has seemed almost ageless in his backfield role. Faulk has played more snaps than any other running back in New England since 2007, a product of the Patriots spreading the field and using Faulk as both pass blocker and reliable option out of the backfield. Tom Brady’s safety valve now appears to be shut off for the rest of this season and possibly beyond – 34-year-old running backs don’t tend to see 100 percent again after this sort of injury.

Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris and BenJarvus Green-Ellis are the three remaining running backs in New England’s rotation. Look for the Patriots to shuffle their personnel, potentially bring in someone who can play exclusively on third down and employ more two tight end sets with explosive rookies Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. If there’s one thing Belichick has always been able to do, it’s make adjustments. He’s had to do it each of the last two years after Brady tore his ACL in the 2008 opener and Wes Welker tore his ACL late in 2009 against Houston. The final 14 weeks of the season is plenty of time for Belichick to figure out a solution, but losing a player like Faulk isn’t an easy problem to solve.

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