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Let’s give this another shot…

Posted by bdowd625 on August 28, 2011

It’s that time once again – fantasy football season! There’s no denying that my team sucked last year – and I mean reaaaaaally sucked – but with the second pick overall, I’m hoping to grab a few more studs this time around. So without further ado, here’s a running diary of my picks as they were taken in our league’s draft.

* Arian Foster – Will he play Week 1 after suffering a hamstring injury? Who knows. But I had Jonathan Stewart and Laurence Maroney starting together in the backfield at one point last season, so I don’t give a shit.

* Steven Jackson – Holy crap. Is that two quality running backs on my roster? I can’t believe it.

* Peyton Manning – I deliberated over this pick for a while, simply because of his neck issues. But the bottom line is Manning is still an excellent quarterback. He’s also very cognizant of NFL history, which makes me think there is no chance he sits out in Week 1 and has his consecutive starts streak snapped.

* Brandon Lloyd – He certainly wasn’t my first choice at wide receiver, but Kyle Orton always seems to rack up a good amount of touchdown passes, and Lloyd will be one of his primary targets.

* Kenny Britt – I hope all his legal problems get cleaned up in a hurry.

* Fred Jackson – I feel bad that this guy is still stuck up in western New York. He’s a good player who doesn’t get enough love because he’s on a shitty team.

* Pierre Garcon – A total panic pick. I was looking for a tight end and then the timer started buzzing so I freaked out and took Garcon. With Austin Collie one big hit away from retirement, though, Garcon might have another big year hooking up with Manning.

* Lance Moore – I’m not pleased with my wide receivers.

* Joe Flacco – I’m not even going to get into how I ended up with this guy, but he’s not a bad backup quarterback.

* Rob Gronkowski – Gronkowski’s not going to rack up a million catches, I know that. Let’s just see how many touchdowns he has at the end of the season, though.

* Eagles defense – The Jets were the top defense on the board, but I took those clowns last year and I hated rooting for them every week. Thus the Eagles.

* Steve Breaston – I needed another wide receiver, and the thought of Mark Sanchez consistently slinging the ball over Derrick Mason’s head was enough for me to take Breaston here.

* Jacoby Jones – I’m simply filling out my wide receiver core at this point.

* Mason Crosby – I had him last year, so why not?

* Todd Heap – Is anyone still paying attention at this point?

* Derrick Ward – Great.

* Kevin Walter – Goodnight, everyone.


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Twelve random (and heartless) predictions for each of the NFL playoff teams

Posted by bdowd625 on January 8, 2010


Baltimore Ravens – Ray Lewis kills a man with his own two hands on Saturday night, a jury acquits him of all wrongdoing on Sunday morning and the Patriots still go out and stomp him and the rest of the Ravens that afternoon to advance to the next round.

Cincinatti Bengals – The Bengals seem to think they’re going to magically flip a switch and reverse their results against the Jets following an absolute beatdown last week. Instead, Chris Henry’s fiancee runs over the entire offensive line with a pickup truck and, with no protection, Carson Palmer ends up on his back all game long and the Bengals get bounced from the postseason. (Ouch, too soon?)

Indianapolis Colts – After filming 38 commercials leading up to the Colts’ second-round game, an exhausted Peyton Manning sleeps through his alarm clock, forcing Curtis Painter into the starting quarterback role. We all know how that one plays out. Can you spell interception?

New England Patriots – Wes Welker has his injured leg amputated, he puts on a bionic limb and then leads the Pats with 17 catches for 165 yards to help New England down Baltimore. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

New York Jets – Mark Sanchez becomes the first NFL quarterback in the league’s history to throw seven interceptions in one game and still earn the win. You can thank Thomas Jones and Brad Smith for their 300 rushing yards, Mark.

San Diego Chargers – Isn’t Norv Turner still their head coach? Yeah, they ain’t winnin’ anything this year.


Arizona Cardinals – Kurt Warner goes down early with an injury and Matt Leinart is forced to take over at quarterback. Right on cue, Leinart channels his old self from his USC days and leads the Cardinals to a win. Then, immediately after the game, he attends a hot tub party in Scottsdale and proceeds to sleep with every 18 year old there.

Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo realizes what an idiot he was by swapping Carrie Underwood for Jessica Simpson and, in an attempt to gain some peace of mind, he heads to Mexico during the Cowboys’ opening-round game against Philadelphia. Miraculously, Dallas wins without him.

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rogers cements his place as the Packers’ newest quarterback legend, throwing four interceptions in a devestating loss to the Cardinals.

Minnesota Vikings – Given a week off to rest up for the second round of the playoffs, Brett Favre tears his ACL filming a new Wrangler Jeans commercial, one in which he wears a purple shirt instead of that green and yellow Packer nonsense they made him sport in the first one. Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels combine to throw 11 interceptions in Minnesota’s first playoff game, as the Vikings lose, 245-7.

New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees and the Saints, after ending the regular season with some bad losses, actually lose their first playoff game. I know, this isn’t a random prediction. But I think it’s more telling than anything else I could’ve possibly written about them. It looks like that game against the Patriots was the Super Bowl for them too because they’ve looked pretty beatable ever since.

Philadelphia Eagles – Donovan McNabb starts dryheaving in the huddle on the Eagles’ first possession against the Cowboys. Philadelphia is within striking distance late in the game, but McNabb, the most overrated quarterback of the last decade, really starts vomiting in the fourth quarter and is forced to leave the game. Dallas hangs on for the victory.

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