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Five more thoughts from Pats/Bengals

Posted by Bill Koch on September 12, 2010

Since this is opening week of the NFL season and may as well be a national holiday, we here at Ramble On will toss in five additional thoughts from today’s battle between the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals. These come free of charge and are solely for your entertainment in the aftermath of the Patriots’ 38-24 victory at Gillette Stadium.

— How great was it to see Wes Welker back in the end zone? The little guy with one of the biggest hearts in the league scored twice and looked his usual sharp self operating in the slot and over the middle in the center of the Cincinnati defense. Keep in mind that he’s just eight months removed from major knee surgery and you’ll realize that it’ll only get better from here for No. 83.

— No, you weren’t imagining things. We also thought that Patrick Chung was in on just about every tackle made by the Patriots’ defense. The second-year safety from Oregon finished as New England’s leader with 12 stops on the day, a terrific performance for a guy who had just 37 tackles all last season. We like to see players who are fast and physical on that side of the ball and Chung was all of that and more on Sunday.

— When was the last time New England scored a defensive touchdown? We couldn’t think of it either until Gary Guyton returned an interception 59 yards for a score in the second quarter. Guyton’s big play made it 24-0 and was the highlight for a defense that didn’t look so good throughout training camp. We’d like to see the Patriots’ defenders be a little more active than they were last season – this was a decent start.

— Get used to hearing Devin McCourty’s name this season. Opposing teams are going to try to pick on the rookie defensive back from Rutgers all year long. The Bengals tried it on their first play from scrimmage, throwing a deep ball intended for Terrell Owens that McCourty broke up at the last minute. How he plays will go a long way toward determining just how effective the Patriots will be trying to stop opposing passing attacks.

— Good riddance, Laurence Maroney. Anybody else even notice that he was deactivated on Sunday due to a thigh injury? (And if you believe that nonsense we’ve got a bridge we’d like to sell you.) Fred Taylor (14 carries, 71 yards), BenJarvus Green-Ellis (22 yards) and Kevin Faulk (70 total yards) filled in quite nicely for Maroney, who has been nothing but a bust since being drafted in the first round out of Minnesota. We won’t be too heartbroken if we never see him or his fumble-prone hands ever again.


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Five thoughts from Pats/Bengals

Posted by bdowd625 on September 12, 2010

With the return of the NFL season, we here at Ramble On proudly present our first “Five Thoughts” post of the year. So without further ado, here are five things that stood out from the Patriots’ win over the Bengals in their season opener on Sunday afternoon:

* As my man Kenny Powers would say, Brandon Tate is fast as fuck. It’s a good feeling to know you don’t need to put Tom Brady back on the field to start the second half when Tate ‘s returning kickoffs for 137-yard touchdowns. If Tate can stay healthy – and that’s a huge if – he’s going to be a big-time player for this team.

* Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens both disappeared into the locker room before the first half was even over? VH1 must have had a mandatory production meeting for their respective shows. Jordan Shipley, a stud rookie out of Texas, caught Carson Palmer’s 52-yard pass just short of the end zone as time expired, so who knows what TO or OchoDickhead would have done had they been on the field. Probably nothing.

* The New England defense looked stout in the early going. But as the game wore on, we were all witnesses to what everyone expected going into this season: more holes than swiss cheese, baby. It got a little hairy there in the third quarter, until Brady found one of his new tight ends, rookie Rob Gronkowski, for a key touchdown. They’re gonna need to score 35+ points each game to be successful this season, and, luckily, they got exactly that today.

* Car accident? What car accident? Brady looked pretty sharp today, using all of his receivers in torching the Cincy defense for 258 yards and three touchdowns. Now please go cut your hair, Tom. The Justin Bieber comparisons are really starting to piss me off.

* It was a rough day for Stephen Gostkowski. Granted, Bill Belichick opted to go to him from 55 yards out at one point, but the Pats can’t be leaving points on the field like that with a defense like theirs. Get your shit together, Stevey – you’re supposed to be one of the best kickers in the league.

It’s great to finally have football back, and don’t forget to keep visiting Ramble On for all your NFL needs.

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Brady, Patriots agree on contract extension

Posted by Bill Koch on September 10, 2010

What a difference a day made on Thursday for Tom Brady.

He started it with a car accident and ended it by backing up the Brinks truck in Foxborough, agreeing with the New England Patriots on a contract extension that will keep him with the team until at least 2014.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter (who never gets these things wrong) reports that Brady will receive $72 million over the next four years, with $48.5 million guaranteed. That amount will make Brady the highest paid player in league history, surpassing Eli Manning. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, we can’t figure out why The Other Manning Brother was making that much in the first place.

There was no other way that these negotiations were going to end. Brady was the lone option for New England going forward after they traded Matt Cassel to Kansas City and after owner Robert Kraft publicly proclaimed his love for the quarterback who has brought his franchise three Super Bowl rings. Were you seriously ready to begin the Brian Hoyer Era? We didn’t think so.

Yes, we’ve ripped Brady before at Ramble On. We’ve questioned his commitment to football and to his team, and we’re not ready to back off those sentiments. Still, considering the circumstances, he gives New England the best chance to win in the immediate future. We only hope that he makes more like John Elway and not like his childhood idol, Joe Montana, and remains able to win championships well into his late 30s. If this contract is solely a career achievement award it is truly well deserved. It’s the perfect way for New England to start its 2010 season and we only hope that it motivates Brady to dedicate himself to the Patriots going forward.

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BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady in car accident

Posted by bdowd625 on September 9, 2010

(Keep your eyes on the road, Tom!)

Several media outlets are reporting at this hour that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in a car accident this morning on his way to the team’s complex in Foxboro, Mass. Apparently Brady got away unscathed, but you can’t help but feel like this is a bad omen just days before the start of the new season.

On top of all that, I JUST drafted Brady for my fantasy team. This is exactly the reason why I don’t play fantasy sports – too much annoying crap happens that’s beyond your control. That and the fact that all the “experts” out there freak out about your roster like the world is coming to an end. To quote one of my favorite movies, “It’s just a game, Focker!”

But I digress. Hopefully once the adrenaline rush fades Brady doesn’t have any pain that wasn’t there before. I don’t think Brian Hoyer is ready for the starting job just yet.

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