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Hixon’s return to glory?

Posted by bigblue123 on December 7, 2009

For the first 27 minutes of yesterday’s Giants-Cowboys game it was ice cold in section 339 of the Meadowlands. The wind was whipping and the drowning-your-sorrows beers were flowing as star-hatted Cowboy fans chirped it up. The scoreboard kept replaying past moments of Meadowlands glory and those seemed like distant memories to the Giant faithful.

With Dallas ahead 10-0, the G-Men engineered a drive to close the gap to 10-7 with under 2 minutes remaining in the half.  Eli Manning connected with Hakeem Nicks for a 21-yard score. The ever-greedy Cowboys took the ensuing kickoff and started upfield pressing for a pre-halftime score but Marion Barber coughed the football up around midfield.  The Giants capitalized to take the lead 14-7 right before the half on a Brandon Jacobs 2-yard run. The half ended with Flozell Adams taking another cheap shot on Justin Tuck after the play had ended and a melee breaking out. Cowboy fans were suddenly silent perhaps reflecting that it was now December and they were indeed Cowboy fans in that month.

The once frigid section 339 was now drinking celebratory beers.

The second half was marked with Dallas controlling the ball and driving and New York making the big plays. Statistically, Dallas dominated but New York scored uncharcteristically from long distance. Brandon Jacobs sideline 74-yard rumble and Hixon’s 79-yard punt return were highlights. The defense shut down the run (45 yards) allowing Tony Romo to peck his way to 391 yards passing. The Giants won 31-24 and superficially all was right in the soon to be closed Meadowlands.

Hats off to Coach Coughlin for mixing the defense up. Starting Goff at middle linebacker and reducing Osi’s snaps was the right call. Kudos to Osi for accepting those changes and not moaning and complaining like many other pampered athletes might have done.

This was a solid effort but questions remain. Eli struggled (11-25, 241 yards) in a windy environment. Jacobs 74-yard catch aside, those are meager numbers. The pass rush was better but not dominant. The running game sluggish. In any case, a win is a win and guarded optimism is back as the Philly Sheagles come to town for a Sunday night showdown.


4 Responses to “Hixon’s return to glory?”

  1. thatsmyquarterback said

    Nice post. As an Eagles fan this year, I am accustomed to seeing the Eagles being outplayed in numerous aspects of the game, only to hit on a few big plays that eventually result in a victory. I thought Coughlin showed a lot of mettle with reducing Osi’s role, and it seemed fitting that Kiwanuka caused a fumble that Osi picked up for a nice return, to set up Jacobs TD before the end of the first half. I’m looking forward to another intense NFC East game this weekend.


  2. bigblue123 said

    A ratiional Eagles fan?? The Giants are more desperate than the Eagles. I believe that Eli plays better on the road than at home and am worried about the Giants inability to run and the Eagles stacking the line AND the Giants run defense which has been (kindly put) porous. Vegas has New York as a 1 point favorite- that surprises me — I was also surprised that Dallas was favored in last weekend’s game. Maybe thats why I never bet on the NFL.

  3. thatsmyquarterback said

    Haha, I guess there are a few out there. But don’t tell my Eagle fan friends. I’m terrified of a big game from Kevin Boss. The Eagles linebacker situation has been a revolving door of players who have been hurt or been brought back from retirement (Hi Jeremiah Trotter!). We continually get crushed by effective tight ends so this could get interesting.

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Lesean McCoy, and even more so Leonard Weaver, in the Eagles running game. That said, I think we absolutely need Desean Jackson back this week (he was a no-go against Atlanta, recovering from a concussion) to stretch the Giants D and create opportunities for others.

  4. bigblue123 said

    For some reason the Giants rarely throw it to Boss. He had a nice screen pass vs Dallas and then the lateral from Manning that went as a rush. At the same time, Witten was running WILD with I think 14 catches – –I’d like to see Boss get some more balls thrown his way too

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